Alan + Priscila

What a beautiful day! This winter wedding was such a precious day to be a part of! Alan and Priscila are from different sides of the world and now currently live in Australia. I was lucky that they decided to get married in beautiful New Zealand! And man, did NZ show them a stunning, clear, sunny winter day!

The day started out with the girls getting ready at the wedding venue. Priscila walked out in her dress and literally everyone’s jaw dropped to the floor! She looked AMAZING! She belonged in a bridal magazine!

Alan and Priscila said their vows in an intimate ceremony with only couple of close friends. The number of attendees may have not been high, but they filled the chapel with so much love and happiness. The amazing chapel overlooked Rotorua lake and made a beautiful back drop for the ‘I do’s’ and ‘first kiss’.


The day continued with taking Alan and Priscila for a walk around the venue grounds and down to the lake for some intimate photographs. Although the weather was beautiful, it was freezing! Poor Priscila had goose bumps for most of the time, but lucky for me it made some really sweet cuddly photographs! I’m pretty sure Alan was pretty stoked to snuggle his stunning wife!

Once we got some amazing photos during the golden hour (the hour before sunset) the couple joined their guest to celebrate. I can’t remember a time during the whole day, where Alan or Priscila weren’t smiling ear to ear… well apart from a few tears during the ceremony. But to be honest, I think I even had a few tears! It was just so beautiful!


Thanks so much to Alan and Priscila for allowing me to share your special day with you!

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