Monthly Quick Pic Sessions

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How It Works:

Step 1: Work out which photo combination you want.

Step 2: Decide on which set up you want.

Step 3: Contact Heidi to book your spot.

Step 4: Pay to secure your spot

Monthly Quick Pic sessions are held on the FIRST SUNDAY OF EVERY MONTH.

(Public holidays may change specific dates)


Step One

Photo combinations are as follows:

One individual* digital image – $20


 Five individual* digital images – $50


Sibling photos are $30 each

If you buy one sibling photo, individual photos are only $10!


For example; If you have two children, you can book in one sibling photo ($30) and two individual photos (one of each child) ­­­you will pay a total of $50 ($30+$10+$10).

*Individual photos include only one child


Step Two

Decide your set up:

For each monthly booking you can choose your special set up. You can pick one of the following:

a) Plain Background


b) Fur Mat


c) Grey Chair



Due to a tight schedule on Quick Pic days, you can only use ONE set up per booking. For instance, if you buy a sibling photo with individual photos or just three individuals photos they all have to be the same set up.

** Photographers Tip **

  1. If you buying a 12 month canvas special (please see below for details) and the child will be starting their quick pic year before 6 months old, I would suggest to choose the fur mat so baby is comfy and can lie down before the baby is sitting up and then as baby gets older can crawl/sit up/stand on the mat.
  2. For a sibling photo of more than two children the best bet is to use the plain background or fur mat.


Step Three

Contacting Heidi to book your spot:

Due to only running quick pics one day per month, spots fill up fast so contact Heidi asap to secure your spot!

You can send Heidi a message via email or facebook:


In your message please ensure you include:

1. Your name

2. Your cell phone number

3. Your email address

4. Number of children you want photographed

5. Photo combinations you want to buy

6. Photo set up you want for that booking

7. What time of day (morning or afternoon) best suits you. Heidi will try to accommodate your request if there is time available in your preferred time of day, however this cannot be guaranteed.

Once your message has been received by Heidi, she will email you a quote, invoice and an online contract. These documents can all be seen and signed electronically and will only take a few minutes to go through.


Step Four

Paying for your booking to secure your spot:

Heidi will send you all the payment details with the invoice. Payments are to be made via internet banking. If internet banking doesn’t suit you, please let me know and we can organise a different form of payment.

Due to limited spaces available, payments must be made within 2 days of the invoice being sent to secure your spot. If payment is not received within 2 days, your spot may be given to another person.

If you miss your appointment, without giving 48 hours notice, you will not receive a refund. IF there is some sort of emergency, please contact Heidi and we can discuss options, however a refund is not guaranteed and is up to Heidi Marie Photography’s discretion.


Special Offers:

12 month canvas

Bring your child into the quick pic sessions once a month for 12 months and watch your baby grow! At the end of the 12 months, you’ll receive a beautiful square canvas with all 12 months in a collage.


  • 1 child is $250. Includes 12 monthly individual sessions and the canvas at the end of the year.
  • Sibling is $350. Includes 12 monthly sibling sessions and the canvas at the end of the year.


Maternity Quick Pics

Watch your baby bump grow each month! Pregnancy is an exciting time and it is easy to forget how quickly your bump grows and what it is like at various points.

  • Maternity quick pic sessions are $25 per month and a minimum of three months is required to book in.
  • Whatever number of months you decide suits you, you do not have to do them all in consecutive months, you are welcome to spread them out through your pregnancy.
  • The photos include only mum-to-be.
  • Contact Heidi to discuss timeframes and/or get a quote for what you are after.

We do not offer one off maternity quick pics because the purpose of the session is to watch the progression of your pregnancy. The quick pic maternity sessions are not to replace a full maternity session and you will not receive the same artistic product of that of a full maternity session. Please look under photoshoot prices for more details about full maternity photoshoots.